4A and 5A Grade Hair – Lower grade hair is usually sold in the local Beauty supply store, which is 4A or 5A. I would NEVER advise ANYONE to purchase 4A or 5A grade hair bundles. This hair is going to be very low quality and will tangle and shed like crazy. However, if you insist on purchasing the lower grade hair, it is best purchased in shorter lengths no longer than 12 inches.

Tips for caring for lower grade bundles: Leave in conditioner and lightly oiling the tips/ends of the hair and wrap completely at night. Never detangle low grade hair while wet. Detangling the hair while wet will only make the tangling worse and cutting may be the only option.


6A Grade Hair –  Is a better grade of hair that works very well with straight hair. 6A grade is also great for people on a budget and I do believe that you will get you money’s worth. This hair can be re-used and is great for 12 to 18 inches and will last up to one year. I must advise anyone who wishes to have lengths over 18 inches to purchase 7A or 8A grade of hair.

Tips for caring for 6A grade bundles: Apply leave in conditioner at least once a week and wrap at night. You might be able to get away with detangling this grade of hair while wet, but applying conditioner before detangling is best.


7A and 8A Grade Hair – These grades of hair are my absolute favorites. It might be a little more expensive, but well worth the cost because of the great quality. ANYONE who desires a length over 18 inches should purchase 7A or 8A grade hair. The higher grade of hair is going to have less tangling. The longer or curlier the hair the more likely it is to tangle. If you would like a long body wave hair 7A will work just fine. However, if you are a person who likes curlier hair like Kinky Curly, you always want to go with an 8A grade.

Tips for caring for 7A and 8A grade bundles: Apply leave in conditioner at least once a week and wrap at night. Because this is a higher grade hair maintenance is simple.