Hello World !!! We would first like to thank you for coming to see what we do and specialize in, and see some of our companies core values. Silky Glamor is run and operated by a small connection of people who specialize in different aspects to best give you the buyer the viewer or blogger the best experience and information as possible regarding  the hair extension or wig and any Glamor products we sell. Our products are tried and tested to make sure you get the best quality. Through strategic analyses we can find you the best hair quality and yet provide you with the best price. We specialize in selling virgin hair. And our quality is 2cnd to none. With only one goal in mind to give you the buyer your moneys worth. We aim to please and give you the best customer service by being able to speak to a real person and, making this your one stop shop for your Silky Glamor hair weave, and wigs.